“The Importance of good eye care cannot be overlooked as our total well being is enhanced when we have healthy eyes”.

havilah eye care

Frames & Lenses

We stock wide range of frames for all age brackets, prescription lenses in various form, antireflexive lenses, antiblue lenses, transition in photochromic lenses  for a patient total comfort

havilah eye care

Comprehensive eye examination

We carry out total and comprehensive eye examination to reach a conclusive diagnosis on each individual’s eye health status. Varying examination tools are employed for this purpose. Our patients are not left in the dark through each procedure, adequate information is passed onto our patients during and after each examination process.

havilah eye care

Paediatric Eye Care

Children are not exempted from comprehensive eye care. For excellent performance in school and other extracurricular activities,
children’s vision care is very key. Care would begin from birth with appropriate immunizations and then eye care. We pay great attention to our young patients.

havilah eye care

Occupational On-Site Vision Screening / Counselling

We undertake corporate/occupational on-site vision screening exercise to enhance our patients’ on-the-job performance.
Corporate drivers, factory workers with specific job portfolios, all benefit greatly from these on-site vision screening exercises.

havilah eye care

Contact Lens Prescription and Care

We prescribe and evaluate contact lenses. We deal with large variety of contact lenses. Specialized fittings may include monovision, bifocal and astigmatic or toric  contact lenses.

havilah eye care

Computerized Colour Vision Analysis

This is based on Fansworth-Munsel 100 Hue test. Drivers, pilots, factory workers, children would find this test most beneficial. This test analyses various forms of colour defect

havilah eye care

 Other services we provide are:

Home Care for Physically Challenged
and Geriatric Patients

 At Havilah Eye Care, we offer home care for the physically challenged and the aged. We do an excellent job in ensuring they get the care needed.

Glaucoma Screening/Management

Glaucoma is a common cause of vision impairment that affects patients. At Havilah Eye Care we will screen, diagnose, treat and help you manage glaucoma.


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