Welcome to Havilah Eye Care,where we offer excellent care!!, We are specialists in eye care consultations tailored to meet the specific needs of our individual and corporate clients, providing them with the best eye care possible. 


“The Importance of good eye care cannot be overlooked as our total well being is enhanced when we have healthy eyes”.

Your sight is one of your most important senses: 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. By protecting your eyes, you will reduce the odds of blindness and vision loss while also staying on top of any developing eye diseases such as cataract and glaucoma.

havilah eye care
havilah eye care

Why Choose Us

In Havilah eye care, our mission is to render selfless and excellent eye care services to our clients, availing them with the right counselling and treatment that would address the peculiarity of each case presented.

High Quality Lab

We have good environment and great Laboratory to meet our patient’s need

Unmatched Expertise

We have great experience and skill in what we do and we give our best

Precise Result

We always careful to give a precise result to our patient’s when we run tests.

Qualified Staff

We have good and qualified staff who are trained to give the best treatment



Corona Virus (COVID-19) is real. Obey every COVID-19 rules and guidelines. Wear your face mask while coming to the clinic